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Many people are affected by substance addiction. The substance abuse treatment programs in Alaska have greatly help people fight addiction. Due to abuse of substance, many young stars drop out of school, rise in early pregnancy, increased criminal activities and accidents. For treatment program to be successful the addict should accept he or she has addiction problem. The addicts should then make a conscious decision to quit using substances. The decision should not be made by friend or family member. The first step of acquiring substance abuse treatment program in Alaska is to ensure you have selected suitable treatment facility.

Extensive research should be conducted to identify a perfect treatment program that will yield fruits. The treatment programs offered in Alaska depends on degree of addiction of an individual. People who has attempted addiction treatment but failed should go for inpatient treatment. The program offers long-term treatment to ensure addict recover successfully. Addicts are unlikely to use substance after undergoing inpatient treatment program in Alaska. The addicts apply whatever learnt during treatment program in real life situation. During inpatient treatment program, the addicts reside at the rehab center. Care and treatment is offered 24/7.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Alaska

Outpatient and counseling treatment programs in Alaska is suitable for those people who do not have strong addiction but are in need of help. The programs are not suitable for people who have long history of addiction. There are different types of techniques used during outpatient treatment. They include 12-step programming, psychotherapy, family therapy, use of support groups and cognitive behavioral therapy. The addicts usually stay at rehabilitation centers for a long time for their recovery to be successful.

The addicts do not reside at the rehab centers. Intensity of outpatient programs provided in Alaska varies. Some offer counseling and educational therapies while others adjust treatment programs according to addicts’ needs and traits. Outpatient substance addiction treatment programs in Alaska aims at recovering a person without relapse.

At rehab centers, the addicts undergo detoxification program. At this stage, toxins causing addiction are broken down to harmless substances. After the toxins are eliminated from the body, craving for the substance reduces. The program is carried out by professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists and nurses. Home detox is dangerous since the addicts are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification program can be conducted in different ways but this depends on rehabilitation where treatment is offered. Rehabilitation centers in Alaska mainly offer detox programs so that addicts do not experience physical withdrawal. The detox programs offered of three phases:

  1. Emotional Detox – The addicts are offered with emotional or mental assistance through comprehensive counseling in Alaska.
  2. Medical Detox – Health providers usually monitor the addicts so that they recover without relapse. In Alaska, the programs last for many days.
  3. Physical Detox – After a person has ceased using substance, nutritional therapy is provided to keep their bodies healthy. Foods rich in proteins, fibers, vegetables, fruits and vitamins are ingested. The program is conducted by a nutritionist.

Support groups in Alaska also play significant role in substance abuse treatment. Meetings held by such groups are beneficial to the addicts since they are able to talk about their addiction with other people. Many group therapies provided in Alaska are free.

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