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Identifying suitable substance abuse treatment programs in Arkansas is not an easy task. Residents of Arkansas suffer substance addiction due to increased smuggling of drugs. The drugs can also be accessed at local drug store, online or purchased from black market. Substance addiction is a major problem in Arkansas. Both prescribed and illicit drugs are being abused. About 43- 50% substance abuse rehab centers in Arkansas offer outpatient treatment programs.

Twenty rehab centers provide residential programs while two offer opioid abuse treatment programs. Five rehabilitation centers are served with eighteen physicians who provide opioid addiction treatment. Enough money has been allocated for establishment of more rehabilitation centers to offer addiction treatment. Number of people enrolling at Arkansas’ rehab centers is increasing steadily. Treatment programs in Arkansas are provided in different styles.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Arkansas

For a person to recover, he or she must be ready to face obstacles in the way. Once the addicts start experiencing severe side effects of substance, the first step is to seek a doctor. The doctor then diagnoses the addict. It is important to choose rehab center that only cater for substance addiction since some doctors do not like talking to the addicts.

The various stages of substance abuse treatment program in Arkansas need assistance provided at rehab centers and effort applied the addict. Recovery process usually depends on level of addiction and type of substance being consumed. At the rehabilitation centers, detox programs are provided.

Detoxification process is effective in ridding the body of any toxins causing addiction problem. Immediate medication is then provided so that the addicts do not experience withdrawal pains and reduce time for recovery. Detoxification program is conducted in treatment settings. Suppose the medication provided was to relief withdrawal pains, detox program is carried out at inpatient facility. The addicts start attending counseling sessions as their mind and body is relieved from the effects of substance.

Group therapy then follows. Group therapy provided will enable the addict to acquire skills of how to guide him or herself, overcome peer pressure and avoid taking the drugs in course of recovery. Meetings held by support groups in Arkansas are very beneficial to the addicts since they are able to talk about their addiction with other people without fear. They learn that recovering from substance addiction is possible since they are coaxed with others who faced the same problem but changed.

Counseling programs in Arkansas are conducted by professional counselors. Individual counseling offered is suitable for addicts who do not want to disclose their addiction to a group. The addicts usually work with a counselor only and thus he or she gives correct information. Counselors educate the addicts how to control themselves once they are out of treatment program. The recovering addicts will also conduct some counseling sessions and thus influencing other addicts.

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