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The power addiction usually depends on the length of time and amount of substance a person consumes. Due to substance abuse, criminal activities and accidents have greatly increased in California. The addicts engage in criminal activities to support themselves especially when they run out of cash. They even steal from their family members or friends. The addicts drive under the influence of substances and thus causing accidents.

Many people in California severely suffer from side effects because they do not take the dosage recommended. They neglect their roles at school, work or home. The addicts break relationship with family members and friends who disclose or talk about their habits. Addicts develop odd behaviors and start lying about the amount of drug or alcohol they have taken. They develop desire to get more drugs or alcohol when the supply is low.

The addicts develop tolerance in the substances and thus their body cannot function normally without them. They take large dosages of the substance despite the harm caused. They start craving for the substance to get desired effects it initially produced.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in California

There are many substance abuse treatment programs in California. Rehab centers in California have helped many people quit drugs or alcohol. Treatment programs provided at rehab centers include Inpatient, Outpatient, Group therapy, Care and Recovery centers, Residential, Counseling programs among others. The rehabilitation centers providing these programs have different medical experts, credentials, and philosophies.

The price charged during treatment program depends on type of rehabilitation center addicts choose. You should contact health provider to assist in identifying ideal and affordable treatment program. Treatment programs are conducted by medical personnel for example physicians, doctors, nurses, therapists and other qualified professionals. Inpatient treatment programs offered in California is suitable for people who have long addiction history. Long-term treatment program is offered to ensure the addicts recover successfully. Addicts are restricted not use any substance while undergoing inpatient treatment program in California. The addicts stay at rehabilitation centers while receiving treatment.

Outpatient and addiction counseling treatment programs in California are suitable for those people who do not have strong addiction but are in need of help. The programs are not suitable for people who have long history of addiction. There are different types of techniques used during outpatient treatment. The techniques include family therapy, 12-step programming, psychotherapy and use of support groups.

Counseling programs are mainly conducted through cognitive behavioral therapy. This enables the addicts to control any trigger mechanism of using the substance. The counselor educates the addicts how to control themselves after completion of treatment program. This helps the addicts to transform their habits and identify ways of controlling addiction. At the rehabilitation centers, the addicts undergo detox programs. At this stage, toxins causing addiction are disintegrated to harmless substance.

Detox programs are divided into three phases. These include emotional, medical and physical detox programs. Immediate medication is provided so that the addicts recover without relapse. Foods rich in vitamin, proteins, fibers, fruits and vegetables are taken to keep the body healthy. Health providers closely monitor the addicts while undergoing treatment so that they do not experience withdrawal symptoms.

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