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There are programs offered for those people in need of substance abuse treatment in Connecticut. Several avenues in Connecticut provide treatment programs to the addicts. Recovering from addiction problems is not an easy journey. Recovery will only depend on effort the addicts apply. Rehab centers in Connecticut provide treatment to the addicts facing any drug addiction. This has enabled them not to fight addiction alone. The treatment programs offered are suitable for various degree of addiction. People experiencing strong addiction should go for long- term treatment programs. Addicts usually reside at treatment centers to ensure they fully recover. Care is provided 24/7.

Hospital and rehab based treatment programs in Connecticut offer detox treatment. Detox programs are classified into phases. They include emotional, physical and medical detox programs. The program is effective in ridding body of any toxins causing addiction. After the elimination of the harmful substances from the body, craving for drugs reduces. Immediate medication should then be provided so that addicts do not experience withdrawal symptoms.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Connecticut

Treatment centers in Connecticut provide medication after detoxification process so that the addicts do not experience withdrawal symptoms. This in turn quicken the recovery period. Some drug abuse rehab centers in Connecticut offer rapid detox programs. At this stage, chemical toxins causing addiction are flashed out of the body. The addicts are then placed in intensive care unit. Home detox is never encouraged in Connecticut because they make addicts experience withdrawal pains.

People who have long history in drug addiction are usually placed in inpatient facility. The addicts stay long enough at treatment centers to ensure they fully recover. As the detoxification process commences, the mind is altered and thus addict becomes ready to receive treatment programs. Detox programs are then followed by drug abuse counseling therapy.

Counseling programs in Connecticut comprises of individual and group. The programs are carried out by professional counselors. Counselors educate the addicts how to take of themselves once they are of treatment program. Counseling is conducted through behavioral therapy to ensure the addicts control any trigger mechanism caused by the substance. Individual counseling therapy enables the addicts to discuss their addiction with counselors privately.

Continuous and follow up care is provided by therapies. Nutritionist available at rehabilitation centers offer the addicts with foods rich in proteins, fibers, vegetables, vitamins and fruits to keep their bodies healthy. Exercises, nature walks and hikes are important for physical body fitness. Group therapy enables the addicts to learn treatment of addiction is possible. Meetings held support groups are beneficial to the addicts. They are able to talk about their addiction openly without fear with other people. The addicts acquire knowledge of how to deal with addiction. After comprehensive counseling and care have been offered, the patient undergo outpatient treatment program.

Counseling therapy is also offered at outpatient treatment facilities. This enables the addict to attack addiction problem at different angles. Usually, the addict does not stay at rehab center while undergoing outpatient treatment program. The addicts are allowed to interact with friends and family members while undergoing treatment programs offered in Connecticut. This quickens the addicts’ recovery and strengthens them while at rehab centers.

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