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There are a number of factors that will determine the success or the failure of any substance abuse treatment in Georgia. The providers of the treatment facilities and programs always make sure that they try as much as they can to take all of these factors into consideration whenever they take in a new patient so as to increase the chances that the treatment program they undertake will be successful.

Actually, it is these factors that will also dictate the particular treatment program that is adopted for each and every particular patient, and this is not only true for the state of Georgia but for any other reputable substance abuse treatment center in the world.

Before any kind of treatment is undertaken in any successful substance abuse treatment program in Georgia, the patients are carefully assessed or evaluated by trained healthcare workers at the facilities in order to identify the said underlying factors behind the addiction that are so important for the treatment. The most important factors that have to be found out and taken into consideration before the treatment for substance abuse is begun include:

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Georgia

The Forms of Substance Abuse – There are several different substances all of which have some potential for abuse. The healthcare worker must first establish the particular or specific substance that the patient has been abusing and is hoping to break free from. In case the patient has been engaging in the abuse of more than one such substance, this fact should be brought to the attention of the health care worker who is doing the evaluation.

The reason why it is important to first determine the nature of the substance that he or she patients have been abusing before enrolling them for treatment is because different substances cause different effects on the body, and by extension, react differently to different methods of drug abuse treatment. It would be unwise to use the same treatment program for, say, alcoholics as you would recommend for the people that abuse cocaine. These distinctions are usually made at the evaluation stage of the treatment.

The Length of Time over Which the Patient has been abusing the Substances – The period of time over which abuse of the substances has been going on is an important factor in selecting the right treatment program to embark on since the intensity or severity of the substance use and abuse problem is directly proportional to it. This means that the longer the period of time over which an individual has been involved in substance abuse, the harder it is likely to be for them to break free from the habit.

In cases where the habits of substance abuse have been sustained for extended periods of time, addiction may have developed and this would further serve to complicate he entire treatment program.

There are several other factors that you will be evaluated for when you check into any efficient substance abuse treatment program in Georgia and the above re only the most important. The final choice of which treatment program will work for you rests with the qualified medical workers at the facility selected.

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