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Substance abuse has been a growing problem in many parts of the world and Montana has not been left out. This has necessitated the cropping up of numerous substance abuse treatment centers offering quite a variety of programs all in an effort to help the individuals regain control of their lives all over again. These rehabilitation centers use a number of modalities in addressing the patients’ needs. The programs may include nature programs, leisure and recreational activities, equestrian-based therapy, team building and personal challenge activities all giving well-rounded experience.

The rehabilitation centers also take care of co-occurring disorders and addictions. These centers incorporate professionals who diagnose as well as address problems coming with the abuse to an individual’s life. What are the therapies or substance abuse treatment programs available in these centers?

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Montana

  1. Group Therapy – This therapy is availed in an effort to reinforce the strengths of the patients and address as well as resolve any problems or uncomfortable feelings he or she may have. With the right professionals who are experienced in management of addictions and chemical dependency, the patient would be taken through numerous therapeutic techniques customized to suit his or her needs.
  2. Individual Counseling – While the group sessions are in most cases held once or twice per day, the individual counseling is held once or twice per week depending on the patient’s needs.
  3. Fitness Programs – The importance of fitness cannot be gainsaid as far as treatment of substance abuse is concerned. It is known to enhance physical health, social and leisure activities as well as self-esteem, all of which are major components in the ongoing recovery.
  4. Spiritual Awareness – The spiritual development of the patients is a key component to their recovery. The professionals would have to work with the patients and the family members in order to establish self-esteem, a sense of purpose and self-awareness. Educational and group sessions regularly held all in an effort to get the patients in higher levels of spiritual awareness.
  5. Educational Lectures – Throughout the treatment, education programs are availed in Nevada rehabilitation centers, where the addicts get to hear a number of presentations carefully planned to provide information while stimulating discussion on every aspect of addiction as well as recovery.
  6. Relaxation – One thing that you will acknowledge is that recovery from chemical dependence is never an easy affair. With the body trying to readjust and take back its normal functioning, the individual would be likely to undergo withdrawal. Patients may be stressed or emotionally disturbed in this phase and therefore the professionals avail a number of relaxation techniques in order to develop emotional regulation and stress reduction methods.

Continuing care or aftercare substance abuse treatment is not limited to the time-period when the individual is in the rehabilitation centers. Many rehabilitation centers incorporate continuing care programs customized and generated with the full participation of the patient. The plan may be formed since the beginning of the rehabilitation program based on how he or she would be responding to the other programs.

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