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Given the fact that New Jersey is endowed with major shipping centers and an international airport, it makes for an excellent drug transportation hub. With quite a large number of drug organizations, the law enforcement agencies have been having a hard time combating the illicit activity. For quite a long time, Dominican and Colombian drug abuse organizations have been predominantly controlling cocaine and heroin trafficking.

However, recent times have seen the entry of Mexican traffickers emanating from the West Coast shipping cocaine not only in New Jersey but also in New York. The Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in New Jersey have been quite significant for New Jersey, more so in urban areas like Elizabeth, Newark, Camden and Trenton severely affected by widespread heroin and crack cocaine use. New Jersey serves as a trans-shipment hub for cocaine which may be transported either by tractor-trailers, private vehicles, shipping and commercial air. In some instances, couriers may be used to bringing smaller shipments to the airports as well as other facilities.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in New Jersey

In most cases, Dominicans and Colombians are the main culprits supplying African Americans, Caucasians and Puerto Ricans who take the drugs to the streets. Heroin use has been on the increase more so in the post September 11 terrorist attacks. The increased availability of the drugs has been attributed to the enhanced vigilance of law enforcement agencies in curbing drug use in New York, in which case New Jersey has been serving as the rerouting area before they are distributed to New York. Testament to the increased usage of heroin is the higher number of heroin associated deaths.

New Jersey cargo containers are used to ship heroin to Perth Amboy. Methamphetamine is actually not so popular in New Jersey but there generally is quite a considerable level of availability. Quite a number of cases have been reported where individuals are caught with the primary ingredients used in making meth this is why a substance abuse treatment program in New Jersey is so important. However, club areas have been quite prevalent more so in New Jersey’s southern areas. Due to their increased availability, their prices have been on a free fall, a perfect combination for abuse. In most cases, club drugs are bought in large quantities from New York and Philadelphia then sold locally in rave parties and nightclubs.

The most prevalent drug in this case is MDMA smuggled from Western Europe countries like Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium. Marijuana has also been widely available in New Jersey with large amounts smuggled from Canada. The marijuana market is however controlled by Jamaican traffickers. However, outdoor growing of marijuana has been eradicated but hydroponic marijuana remains quite popular. This is more so with the young people since it is perceived as safer than heroin and cocaine not to mention its increased availability at lower cost.

With such prevalence of drug abuse in new jersey, is it any wonder that many more than one substance abuse treatment center in New Jersey has been set up to deal with the problem? These centers use a wide range of programs including family therapy, detoxification, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and even the use of medications. Acknowledge that these programs would not be uniformly applied to different individuals but rather customized to suit a particular situation. The situation regarding Substance Abuse Treatment Program in New Jersey definitely needs to improve.

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