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New York comes as one of the most affected states in the United States as far as drug and alcohol abuse is concerned. Being a more or less urban state, not even stringent laws have been sufficient to eliminate the menace at least not in isolation. In an effort to curb the increase of substance abuse as well as assist those already in it to revert back to their normal lives, numerous treatment or rehabilitation centers have been developed in the state.

These include Never Alone Inc., Beth Israel Medical Center, New York Foundling Hospital, Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, Town of Babylon Division of Drug and, Daytop Village Inc., Narco Freedom Inc., Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council Inc., Coney Island Hospital Chemical Depend, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services, Addictions Center of Broome County Inc. and Realization Center Inc. Medically.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in New York

Substance abuse treatment programs are of four types including high-intensity outpatient, low-intensity outpatient, medical and inpatient programs. Qualified medical practitioners are at the heart of the treatment programs and are sometimes required to administer alternative substances that replace the one you are hooked to especially when it is more harmful. Quite a large number of rehabilitation centers offer counseling still as the individual undergoes the detoxification process mainly in an effort to assuage the emotional turmoil one undergoes as part of the withdrawal.

One of the most important facets in the treatment of the substance abuse is getting to the root of the addiction i.e. determining the predisposing factors that led to the abuse. As you may acknowledge, the treatment is more or less in a controlled setting devoid of some of the predisposing factors. These could be peer influence, medical reasons or plainly availability of the drugs and other substances. However, when the individual leaves the rehab facility, the predisposing factors are more or less likely to be there and therefore the chances of relapsing are quite high. It is for this reason that the New York substance abuse treatment programs have to look at the predisposing factors to reduce the chances of a relapse.

Detoxification is also very important in getting rid or eliminating the substances as well as their effects from the body and mind of the individual. As you may acknowledge, the substance dependence goes beyond the physical, touching on the psychological and emotional facets of the individual.

In some substance abuse treatment programs in New York, rapid detoxification method is used where anesthetics are administered alongside purging agents to eliminate the elements of the substances from the body. Many patients prefer this method mainly because they will not have to undergo the painful withdrawal symptoms that come with detoxification.

Many New York treatment facilities allow for the involvement of the addict’s family in the program. It is always recognized that the moral support of the family and loved ones is very important in the whole recovery. This is in addition to other programs offered such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and even family therapy.

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