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Many parts of the world have been affected by substance abuse and addiction. IN the past, the main culprit was mainly illicit drugs and alcohol. However, recent times have seen a change in the trend with quite a large number of people abusing and addicted to prescription medication. This is as true in North Carolina as it is in other parts of the world. It definitely explains the utility of the many rehabilitation centers that have been established in North Carolina.

Irrespective of the type of substance that one is addicted to, abuse is characterized by the consumption of drugs against the prescriptions of doctors. The prescriptions may be defied in terms of the duration of taking, purpose, the amount and even the frequency.

However, it is not lost on us that there are individuals addicted to illicit drugs as well. For either category, abuse is characterized by compulsive consumption of these substances regardless of their devastating effects to the individual’s body. As you may acknowledge, the individual would be having no control over his or her consumption of these substances. To break this cycle of addiction, one would have to undergo substance abuse treatment programs under the guide of qualified professionals.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in North Carolina

Some of the rehabilitation facilities that one could look into in north Carolina include Veterans Affairs Medical Center, W David Holden, Caring Services Inc., PRI Counseling Services, Alcohol and Drug Servs of Guilford Inc., Wilson Greene MH DD SAS, RCMH Walker Center Programs, Urton Associates, Green Center of Growth Development, Counseling and Substance Abuse of, New River Substance Abuse Center and Phoenix Hickory. It is important to acknowledge that there are variations as to the substance abuse treatment programs that particular rehabilitation centers will be availing in the recovery process.

Some of these facilities will specialize in a particular program. Having in mind that substance abuse is a multifaceted phenomenon; it therefore follows that the individual would have to book into another center just to have the other remaining therapies. It is however advisable that one researches about the particular facility to ensure that it has all the therapies and the capacities to execute them.

At the epitome of the treatment programs offered in North Carolina for substance abuse is detoxification. This removes the unwanted substances and drugs from the body. Since the body had adjusted to the presence of the substances, their removal results in withdrawal. The professionals in these facilities however may administer drugs in order to assuage the discomfort.

Also offered alongside detoxification is psychotherapy and counseling sessions. These are aimed at addressing the emotional or psychological aspect of the addiction. In addition, these therapies are aimed at availing helpful advice as well as tools to the recovering addicts which will enable them to respond in a manner that will not compromise the success of the program or lead to a relapse.

Most North Carolina substance abuse treatment facilities acknowledge the importance of family and loved ones in the recovery of the individual. Given the fact that the family may not be used to the withdrawal symptoms that the individual is undergoing, the facilities offer family therapy in order to align the family with the progress and thereby enhance the addict’s recovery.

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