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Alcohol is the leading substance abuse in Rhode Island. The problem of alcoholism has taken roots in this state. Research done showed that by the year 2010 there were over 200,000 alcohol addicts in this state. This is a horrific figure as it keeps rising each day. This is one thing that has made the government to act and come up with substance treatment centers in Rhode Island. These are centers made to offer a number of treatment programs. The main aim of these programs is to help addicts live a healthy life. A life that is free of drugs.

Drug addiction is a problem that has taken root in many parts of Rhode Island. It is a common problem among the youths. This is the mostly affected age bracket. Most of the youths find themselves hooked to drug abuse as a result of experimentation. They are an active group of the society. They always want to explore new things in their lives. This is why they end up being addicts.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Rhode Island

If you are an addict, it is good to utilize rehabilitation centers so that you are on the safe side. These centers offer treatment services like detox, inpatients and outpatient services. Intervention is the first substance abuse program that addicts need to undergo. This is a process that involves exposing the addicts to change. It is meant to change the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of individuals. It involves speaking to the addict to know their thoughts and feelings.

The use of professionals to carry out this process is encouraged. The main aim of this procedure is to convince the addict to accept treatment. It should also involve family members, friends and relatives. After substance addiction intervention, the professional is able to zero down on the best treatment for the addict.

Detoxification is the very first and crucial treatment program. This is a process that involves cleansing the body of the patients from any toxins accumulated. The procedure is very painful hence needs determination. It should be carried out by experts otherwise the patients will run from the rehabilitation. Prolonged intake of drugs can lead to addiction. This makes the body develop tolerance to drugs. The accumulated substances need to be drained out so that the addict is sober. This is a good way of keeping the addict to be ready to undergo other treatment programs.

Another program that is used to combat substance abuse in Rhode Island is the outpatient treatment. There are a number of outpatient rehabs that you can make use if you want to quit drug abuse. All you need is to look for rehabs that will best fit you. You should look for intensive outpatient treatment programs which include therapies, relapse prevention programs, counseling and life skills training.

There are also a number of inpatient treatment programs that you can make use of when you are an addict. These are programs that have been designed to cater for patients who have been using these substances for a long time.

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