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Substance abuse in Vermont is an increasingly serious problem, having a great impact on the population of the state especially the youth. Some of the most commonly abused drugs in Vermont include alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, ketamine, and LSD’s among others. In effort to curb this problem, there exist a number of institutions aimed at helping drug addicts recover from their addiction. Some of these institutions include Lund Family Centre, Recovery House Inc., Behavioral Health and Wellness Centre, Baart Behavioral Services, Habit Opco, Central Vermont Abuse services Co, and HealthCare and Rehabilitation Services of Southeastern Vermont among others.

In addition to that, the Division of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program (ADAP) under the Vermont Department of Health is also instrumental in tackling alcohol and drug abuse in the state. Another important body in the state charged with tackling the drug menace is the Vermont Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council otherwise known as VADAC. The council was established in 1983, under the auspices of the Agency of Human Services. The council is charged with the task of tackling problems arising from drugs and alcohol abuse.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Vermont

The council comprises of the commissioner of public safety, the commissioner of liquor control, commissioner of education, commissioner of motor vehicles and the secretary of the agency of human services among others. Another important program in the state is the Intensive Substance Abuse Programm otherwise known ISAP as under the department of Corrections. The program aims at addressing the connection between an offender’s criminal activities and substance abuse, reducing incarceration time of offenders, and helping the offender’s access treatment services.

Some of the crimes that the offenders are charged with include driving under the influence, dispensing regulated drugs, possession of regulated drugs and escaping from a law enforcement officer among others. However, it is paramount to note that offenders must meet a set of clinical and correctional criteria for him or her to be admitted into the program. This program has been very successful in helping offenders with a large number of offenders being rehabilitated. There are two main categories of drug abuse rehabilitation programs in Vermont. For starters, there is the hospital based alcohol and drug addiction program. Under this program, the addict can access detoxification services and Medicare.

Contrary, to the name of the program, not all treatment is offered in a hospital setting. Secondly, there is the residential alcohol and drug addiction program. Under this program, the addict is placed in an inpatient rehabilitation program. The program may run for about one month or less. Under this program, the addict lives in a treatment facility, and undergoes treatment every day for a stipulated amount of time. These two programs are aimed at treating adults who are above 18 years old.

For individuals below 18 years, there exits adolescent treatment program aimed at helping teens overcome their addiction problems. Lastly, there is the Vermont Strategic Prevention Framework Initiative, which is a program aimed at helping communities reduce substance use and its effects by assessment and evaluation.

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