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Many people in Virginia struggle with alcohol addiction and other drug addictions. These drugs range from illegal drugs e.g. cocaine and marijuana to over the counter prescriptions. Drug abuse many negative impacts on the individual’s physical, psychological and social aspects of life. In addition to that, many people find reducing and stopping alcohol or drug dependencies, daunting tasks. It so follows that there are a number of substance abuse treatment facilities and program aimed at helping drug addicts. The state of Virginia has about sixteen state facilities and over forty community service boards or CSB’s which provide various treatment program for addicts.

The Substance Abuse Services Council under the state government is charged with the task of advising the governor, the State Board of Behavioral Health and Development Services, and the General Assembly on matters pertaining to substance abuse control. Some of the treatment facilities in Virginia include Highland Community Services, Fairfax Methadone Treatment Centre, Hanover County Community Service Board, Fairfax Alcohol and Drug Services, Galax Treatment Centre Inc, and Central Virginia Community Services among others.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Virginia

It is important to note that Virginia has one of the highest numbers of veteran drug addicts in the US. These treatment facilities encompass a wide range of scientific proven treatment approaches. For starters, some treatment facilities help addicts by replacing alcohol or drugs with other medications. This approach is aimed at helping addicts slowly reduce their dependency on drugs and reduce effects of withdrawal symptoms associated with lack of alcohol or drug intake. Secondly, some treatment facilities use drug free approaches aimed at aiding full recovery of addicts without the use of medications.

A common aspect of these two treatment approaches is the use of detoxification and guidance and counseling services on how the addict can cope without the drugs and not fall into a relapse. Drug addiction is an ongoing recovery process. It so follows that these treatment facilities also have follow up, after care and support program for addicts who have successfully kicked addiction. Considering the fact that, substance abuse is directly and indirectly linked to crime, violence and other vices, it is imperative for the state government to build more alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities so as to cater for an ever growing population.

There are a number of treatment program available for addicts in Virginia. Some of these programs include short term counseling program aimed at motivating the addicts recover from addiction, intensive treatment for outpatients and residential care for addicts. Other programs include relapse prevention program, self-help groups, cognitive behavioral therapies and drug substitution therapies. The type of treatment which a patient receives is dependent upon the extent of the patient’s addiction.

The Strategic prevention Framework State Incentive Grant or (SPF-SIG) is an important program aimed at reducing substance abuse in Virginia. Some of the program mandates include reducing problems associated with substance abuse among individuals, reducing the progression rate of substance abuse especially among the youth and capacity and infrastructure building at the community, territorial and state levels.

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