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There are numerous alcohol and drug addiction centers seeking to help addicts in Washington. Some of alcohol and drug abuse rehab programs in Washington include Assessment and Treatment Associates Inc., Lakeside Milam Recovery Centre Inc., Alcohol Drug Dependency Service, Cascade Recover Resource Centre, Asian American Chemical Dependency and Lakeside Milam Recovery Centre Inc. among others.

An important point to note about substance abuse treatments in the Washington is that the state pays for addicts who are unable to meet the costs of chemical addiction programs. This was made possible through the enactment of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment and Support Act otherwise known as ADATASA.

Applicants apply for this assistance through the Community Service Office. After application, financial workers scrutinize the application to find out whether applicants meet the required criteria for help. In the next step, the applicant is interviewed by a social worker.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Washington

Thirdly, the applicant undergoes a substance abuse assessment by an ADATASA case officer. If the candidate is found to be chemical dependent and eligible for the treatment program, the case officer then decides an appropriate treatment facility for the worker. It is prudent to note that based on the level of chemical dependency of the addict, the case officer decides which type of treatment approach is best suited for the addict. Addicts are booked into treatment facilities which have been contracted by the state government to carry out rehabilitation treatments.

An addict is eligible to receive a six month treatment within a period of two years. The treatment is categorized into not more than three months of inpatient treatment and not three months of outpatient treatment. During this period, the state meets all medical expenses of the patient as well as personal expenses e.g. rent and food stamps. It should be noted that currently, ADATSA treatment is underfunded by the state government. Consequently, this treatment is not adequate for the many addicts seeking treatment.

This is due to the fact that ADATSA funds are divided between the many chemical dependency treatment facilities hence the facilities can only take in a specific number of addicts. In other instances, chemical dependency treatment facilities take up a large number of addicts leading to exhaustion of their budgets midyear. It so follows that in such scenarios, it is difficult for the addicts to find other treatment facilities willing to take them in.

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation program in Washington encompass a number of research based substance abuse prevention program. One of the most notable programs is the Lions-Quest Skills for Adolescent (SFA) program which aims at inculcating self-esteem, rights assertion, decision making and increased knowledge of substances and their consequences among the youth. Secondly, there is the Skills Opportunity and Recognition program otherwise known as the SOAR program.

The program seeks to reduce drug abuse among the youth by focusing on positive behavior and academic excellence among the youth. Lastly, there is the Focus on Families (FOF) program which focuses on helping parents undergoing methadone addiction treatment establish strong ties with their children. The program also seeks to reduce their children’s risks of future substance use.

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