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There are a number of treatment facilities and treatment programs available for alcohol and drug addicts in Wisconsin. Taking the first step and admitting that one has an addiction problem is the first step in the recovery process. Secondly, an individual should make a firm resolve to kick the habit, no matter how torturous the recovery process maybe. It is also important for the addict to receive support from his or her family and friends, as this will go a long way in helping him or her overcome the addiction.

Some of the drug abuse treatment facilities in Wisconsin include Affinity Health Systems Inc., Milwaukee Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre, La Crosse Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre and Fond du Lac Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centre among others.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Wisconsin

There are a number of drugs widely abused in Wisconsin. Eastern and Central Wisconsin is notable for the widespread cocaine abuse. Marijuana is the most common and most abused drug in the state. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner office notes that in recent year’s heroin abuse has increased significantly throughout the state. The production and abuse of methamphetamine is another worrying trend in Wisconsin. Methamphetamine abuse especially in Western Wisconsin counties has been attributed to increased meth use in Iowa and Minnesota. The use of club drugs e.g. ketamine, LSD, GHB and GBL is another issue of concern among authorities.

There are a number of state drug offices in Wisconsin. These offices include the Wisconsin Governor’s office, the Wisconsin State Drug Program Coordinator office, and the Bureau of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services under the auspices of the state Health office.

In addition to that, there exist a number of legislations and policies aimed at addressing substance abuse in the state. Some of these legislations include, the Mandatory Alcohol Assessment and Treatment Law, Mandatory Alcohol Education law, and the Zero tolerance Act among others. Wisconsin alcohol and drugs rehabilitation centers offer addicts a number of treatment programs.

For starters, there is the long term residential drug abuse treatment program which provides treatment and care for addicts in a non-hospital setting. In this program, the addict is housed at the treatment facility for six to twelve months. Under this program, the socialization of the addict with other addicts and staff of the treatment facility is given impetus since it is seen as a vital component of the treatment program. Many long term residential treatment programs provide employment training and support services to the addict.

This ensures that the addict is equipped with necessary skills so as to contribute meaningfully to the community when he or she leaves the treatment facility. Secondly, there is the short term residential treatment program. Under this program, the addict undergoes a short but intensive program. This program has a duration of about three to six weeks whereby the addict undergoes inpatient treatment therapy. After this period, the addict undergoes extended outpatient therapy.

In addition to that he or she is required to join a self-help group. Other forms of treatment programs include group counseling therapy, and individualized drug counseling therapy among others.

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